Take Tally Solutions to the Next Level with Integrated Augmented Analytics!

If you are an accounting or finance professional, chances are good you know Tally Solutions and TallyERP. This software application was designed to support your teams and to provide an environment for data entry and reporting and, as such, it is quite popular. This foundational structure allows users to access and work with data for day-to-day tasks and to support the business operation.

But, as business becomes more competitive, accounting and finance professionals are being asked to use the data contained in their databases and software applications to spot trends and patterns, mitigate risk and plan for the future. Integrating augmented analytics into the Tally environment helps business users perform these tasks without the need of a data scientist or a business analyst. Pre-built templates and reports provide a foundation for analysis and sophisticated analytical tools on the backend with intuitive reporting and clear results on the front-end. Business users have the freedom to analyze and share data via a mobile app or in the office via a web browser.

Business users may feel that taking on these analytical tools is daunting and that they do not have the knowledge to use the tools or to understand the results but nothing could be further from the truth. Out-of-the-box analytics and easy-to-use dashboards provide information on banking and sales, purchasing, payables, receivables, inventory, taxes, ledgers, account statements and other information business professionals need.

If you are a Tally user, you can provide users and your business managers with the tools they need to compete and succeed, AND you can evaluate the solution for free, and determine the business benefits. Find out more about SmartenApps For Tally analytics.  

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