What is Assisted Predictive Modeling?

Can Assisted Predictive Modeling Work for Business Users?

Anything that can help your business users to understand, interpret and analyze data is a help! Users have many tasks to perform in a given day and while analysis may not be their forte, they definitely need clear, concise data to share, to make decisions and to see opportunities, challenges and patterns.

To be a positive asset to the business, your business users must be able to accurately plan and forecast everything from budgetary needs to team members and resources, new suppliers, new locations, new products, etc.

Assisted Predictive Modeling is a great way to provide support for your users and your organization. Users get sophisticated tools and algorithms and suggested techniques, and formats, to accurately analyze and understand data in a way that is meaningful to their role and to the type of data and audience with whom they will share that data.

Assisted Predictive Modeling and Predictive Analysis Tools are key to swift analysis and a comprehensive understanding of data across the enterprise, in every department and business unit. Yes, plug n’ play predictive analysis must truly be plug and play! It must not require attention from IT or a data scientist. If you want your business users to adopt and use these tools, you must select predictive analytics tools that are simple; tools that will quickly reveal the trends and allow users to plan and forecast with precision and accuracy. Predictive analysis does not have to be tortuous or confusing.

The Smarten approach to assisted predictive modeling and plug n’ play predictive analytics allows users to forecast and predict results with true insight into the business and the market.

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