Create Citizen Data Scientists with Assisted Predictive Modeling!

Business Users Need Assisted Predictive Modeling

If your business is looking for a comprehensive augmented advanced analytics solution, what are some of the critical factors to consider? OK, here goes!

  • You need Assisted Predictive Modeling (Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis with auto-suggestions and recommendations)
  • You need to encourage business user transformation to create Citizen Data Scientists by implementing a self-serve data democratization environment that allows users to become a greater asset to the organization and to make more confident decisions that will produce more dependable results.
  • You need a solution that can accommodate R integration so data scientists can utilize R Script to capitalize on their expertise and leverage enterprise investments in R open source platform. This type of integration allows data scientists to perform statistical and predictive algorithms, and complex analysis to provide the depth of detail and advanced analytics and reporting the organization needs for strategic decision-making.

Assisted Predictive Modeling sounds complicated but it is designed to help business users gain insight into data without the skills of a data scientist. It offers auto-recommendations and auto-suggestions to simplify use and allow business users to leverage predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a data scientist. The Plug and Play Predictive Analytics and predictive modeling platform is suitable for business users. These tools allow the organization to apply predictive analytics to any use case using forecasting, regression, clustering and other methods to analyze an infinite number of use cases including customer churn, and planning for and target customers for acquisition, identify cross-sales opportunities, optimize pricing and promotional targets and analyze and predict customer preferences and buying behaviors.

If your organization also employs data scientists, you will want to accommodate their needs and allow for more advanced analysis and critical, strategic analytical initiatives by integrating advanced analytics with R scripting to provide a more comprehensive set of tools.

When an organization works to create an environment that will encourage Citizen Data Scientists and optimize the time and resources of professional data scientists, it can improve results, increase ROI and lower TCO, all while establishing a more competitive position in the market and ensuring more confidence in decisions across the organization. If that all sounds like something you want, you can start here: Assisted Predictive Modeling with R Integration