4 Critical Features to Ensure Success with Mobile Analytics for Tally ERP

The Tally ERP Solution is very popular with business users – accountants, finance professionals, inventory and purchasing managers and others. To take Tally to the next level, many organizations are integrating augmented analytics to enable insight, make fact-based decisions and allow accounting and finance professionals to add more value by making accurate, concise recommendations and suggestions to clients and team members so that the business can control expenses, understand and manage tax implications, improve supplier networks and purchasing workflow and optimize other processes.

In this article, we discuss four critical features to consider when integrating analytics with Tally ERP.

Designed for Business Users

The tools you provide for your business users should include Augmented Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting Integrated with the Tally ERP solution for easy access and intuitive use.  Users want easy-to-use tools that provide sophisticated insight into data using a myriad of value-added tools and features. Look for features that offer the ability to build a ‘story’ and review data in clear, concise visualization, dynamic charts and graphs, modern business intelligence features, and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to help you sustain a competitive edge.

Accessible from Within and Outside the Office

Today’s team members often work outside the office. They will want access to Tally ERP and to integrated analytics from desktops inside the walls of the office, from native mobile applications via Cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports and seamless security and privacy protection via web interface with built-in reporting available from anywhere.

Provides Comprehensive, Built-in Reporting

Your business professionals have a variety of needs. Look for built-in reporting that is designed for easy access and is formatted and available for any user so the accountant, finance pro, purchasing managers and others can choose the reports that are right for them and gain valuable insight into data across the enterprise. Overview Reports for Sales, Purchasing, Payables and Receivables, Income and Expenses, Cash and Banking, Duties, Taxes, Monthly Trends, Top and Bottom Analytics, Contribution Analysis, Cost Center Analysis, Ledgers, Account Statements, Tax and Statutory Reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important components of the most comprehensive picture of your business.

Offers User-Friendly Access to Analytics

Your business users do not want to learn a complex, augmented analytics software system with complicated features and analytical techniques. They want easy access to integrated analytics so they can quickly and easily perform analytics without a lot of training and effort. Remember, the accounting or finance professional is interested, first and foremost, in the data contained in the Tally environs. When you can integrate analytics and Tally ERP data, you give your users the tools to make confident decisions, improve workflow and business processes and help users add value to your business as professional consultants who bring together their professional knowledge, the data contained in the Tally ERP system and the analytics you need to understand and manage results.

4 Critical Features to Ensure Success with Mobile Analytics for Tally ERP

These are just a few of the considerations for integrating augmented analytics with Tally ERP. If you want to get more value out of your Tally ERP solution and optimize your resources and professional efforts, Contact Us for more information on SmartenApps For Tally.  For more information about integrating Augmented Analytics with Tally ERP, visit our Blog.

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