3 Ways You Can Use Tally Analytics and BI Reporting to Succeed

If your business is using Tally ERP solution for accounting, finance, inventory, purchasing and other finance-related disciplines, it would behoove you to consider adding integrating, built-in analytics so your skilled professionals can gain insight into results and, most importantly, add value to clients, colleagues and managers by providing advice and counsel that is fact-based and takes into consideration the trends, patterns, issues and opportunities revealed by augmented analytics and business intelligence reporting.

In this article, we look at just three of the ways a business can leverage augmented analytics and integrated reporting to optimize the value of Tally ERP and the time and skill of its professional resources.

3 Ways You Can Use Tally Analytics and BI Reporting to Succeed

Near Real-Time Access with Desktop and Mobile User Interface

With augmented analytics, the business user can leverage stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs, modern business intelligence features, and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to help your business sustain a competitive edge. There is no need to involve IT or data scientists or business analysts. The insight and valuable ‘nuggets’ of information are at your fingertips with built-in reporting. Users can share, collaborate and work with data to analyze results and clearly see what direction is best.

Reports that ‘Speak Your Language’

Accountants, finance professionals, inventory managers and purchasing professionals are just a few of the staff that will find built-in reporting designed to answer questions and illustrate results in a way that reveals trends, patterns, and helps the team to get to the bottom of things. Whether your users want to see data about ledgers, vouchers, detailed sales receipts, tax and statutory implications, inventory and supplier purchasing data or any other discipline, there is something for each of your business users.

Managing the Business

Businesses cannot survive without a plan and today, business is changing so quickly that it is often hard to anticipate results. Whether your questions relate to the efficacy of supplier networks, the decrease or increase in sales following a price increase, the ‘sweet spot’ for inventory managers, shipping or distribution issues or the dreaded tax planning for quarterly or annual tax cycles, it is crucial that the business make concise plans and have the confidence that these plans will be accurate. That accuracy in planning ensures that the company can have the funds to invest appropriately, receive dependable revenue from a product line and report to a Board of Directors or executive management team with reliable numbers and information.

As the business incorporates augmented analytics and built-in BI reporting with Tally ERP, each of its professional accounting and finance professionals will find creative ways to leverage these tools and add value and the business can also optimize its resources by allowing professionals to get the job done with less redundancy and a more streamlined process.

In this article, we have discussed just a few of the ways in which your business can enjoy the benefits of integrating augmented analytics with Tally ERP. If you want to get more value out of your Tally ERP solution and optimize your resources and professional efforts, Contact Us for more information on SmartenApps For Tally.  For more information about integrating Augmented Analytics with Tally ERP, visit our Blog.

3 Ways You Can Use Tally Analytics and BI Reporting to Succeed

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