Assessing Augmented Analytics Companies, Vendors and Services

When you decide to implement an augmented analytics solution, or upgrade or transition to a more beneficial solution, you must carefully review the capabilities of the prospective solution and the vendor skills and experience, as well as the services the vendor offers.

‘When you select an augmented analytics solution, don’t forget to look at the support and services that accompany this solution.’

Find the Right Augmented Analytics Solution and Provider

In this augmented analytics guide, we look at the primary considerations you must include as you search for, interview and select Augmented Analytics tools and self service analytics providers.

Solution Capabilities

The best Augmented Analytics solutions provide a) sophisticated features, b) an Easy-To-Use User Interface and navigation that is suitable for all team members, c) scalable Technology and a high-performance environment that is easy to manage and upgrade.

Look for a full suite of Products and modules, including Self-Serve Data Preparation, Assisted Predictive Modeling, Smart Data Visualization, and a product that is built on a natural language processing (NLP) foundation for easy NLP searching. The augmented analytics market is large, and there are many products available. Additional features that provide advanced analytical algorithms and techniques will help your users gain data literacy and provide data democratization across the enterprise by producing targeted, insightful results without the need for advanced skills. Look for products that include Sentiment Analysis, Key Influencer Analytics, and Anomaly Monitoring, and be sure that the vendor you select offers Mobile BI so your users can take the app on the road and work out of the office to improve productivity and collaboration.

Gartner predicts that ‘more than 50% of all data analysis by deep neural networks (DNNs) will be at the point of capture in an edge system.’ AI is transforming data management and the automation of tasks and analytics is no exception. Look for AI augmented analytics that is designed to leverage the current and future capabilities of AI without risk or overreach.

Lastly, while the back-end and foundation of a product may not seem exciting, this aspect of the solution drives how well the system will perform, and its scalability, its capacity for integration and incorporating embedded BI with integration APIs, and other factors.

Develop your requirements and monitor and manage the list of needs as you discover new issues or identify possibilities. Include a detailed list of product capabilities in your Request for Proposal (RFP) and your interview and demo process, so that you know you are getting what you need without expensive, time-consuming customization.


When you select an augmented analytics solution, don’t forget to look at the support and services that accompany this solution. Your business can benefit from a full suite of services to a) help refine requirements and produce a roadmap for implementation and roll-out, b) provide support for training needs or project presentation, c) provide 24/7 support for products and technology, d) plan for and support upgrades.

Assuming your organization wishes to transition its business users to the Citizen Data Scientist role, your business will want to engage an IT consulting partner with a complete understanding of the Citizen Data Scientist Role and the ability to help you with training.

Skills and Experience

Your solution provider and partner should have a deep, broad team of professionals, focused on technology and on soft skills. Reporting, communication, support and market and domain understanding are key, as is a comprehensive understanding of the augmented analytics market and data science and analytical techniques, as well as data management and data governance and data security issues. Look for a partner with a proven record of success and a partnership approach that will support your enterprise now and in the future.

Licensing and Cost

Cost is always a concern to a management team and, while you want to get every feature you need, you don’t want to pay a premium price. Review the prospective vendor pricing and licensing models and be sure that the costs include what you need. A reputable vendor will provide transparent pricing. Does the vendor include Mobile BI access in the licensing fees or is this extra? How many users does the license support? Is the solution out-of-the-box or does it require customization?

‘Look for augmented analytics that is designed to leverage the current and future capabilities of AI without risk or overreach.’

If you carefully review your requirements and prepare a detailed picture of your user and technology needs, as well as your future growth plans, you are more likely to choose the right solution and the right vendor to suit your needs now and in the future.

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