Augmented Analytics OEM Partnership for U.S. Healthcare ERP Business

Our Partner is a healthcare service provider in the United States providing a web-based, patient-centric, healthcare management solution and workflow solutions to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for its hospitals and healthcare facility Clients. Since 1999, the Partner has provided services to the durable medical equipment and supply market with solutions that benefit many healthcare organizations and clinics in the U.S.

Smarten intuitive interface allows users to make the most out of available data and effectively manage order details, revenue, patient details, business operations, etc. The Smarten collaborative partnership approach builds trust and paves the way for project success, meeting analytical requirements, streamlining processes and allowing the Partner to achieve its objectives.

The Partner Healthcare Information system is now integrated with augmented analytics and embedded BI, allowing Client end users to access the healthcare system using a single sign-on and enjoy the features and functionality of the analytics solution including reporting and analytics. As a Smarten OEM partner, the Partner can provide easy-to-use analytics for use by all of its Client end users to leverage the existing Partner solution.

Embedded BI APIs provide a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools including Revenue Management, Patient Management, Billing and Inventory Management, etc., and delivering all data and information via interactive self-serve reports, including dashboards, KPIs, Graphical Analysis and more.

The combination of the Smarten OEM partnership and the Smarten Augmented Analytics and Embedded BI approach, provided a competitive advantage to the Partner and enabled the Partner to better leverage its data and to operate more efficiently, thereby increasing revenue and allowing the Partner to add and effectively support more end users.

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