Advanced Analytics for Every Business User in Your Biz!

The concept of advanced analytics can seem out of reach for many businesses. Business execs and managers often picture a team of data scientists and IT staff busily analyzing data and, included in that picture, they imagine the bags full of cash required to fund that team of professionals.

The reality is that every business needs Advanced Analytics AND that reality is not out of reach for any organization. You don’t need a team of data scientists and IT staff. You DO need advanced analytics tools that include augmented analytics. These tools make it possible for business users with average skills to leverage sophisticated features, algorithms and analytical techniques to make business decisions and to accurately plan, forecast and manage the business.

There is no reason to limit access to data preparation software or advanced predictive analytics to data scientists, analysts and IT staff. The evolution of Augmented Analytics provides guidance and recommendations to help users decide how to visualize data, how best to prepare data and what predictive analytical techniques to use to achieve the best, clearest, results.

If you want to encourage the adoption of advanced analytics tools, a solution with augmented analytics capability is the best way to increase Data Literacy and engender data democratization within your enterprise. Users can easily share data and create innovative views of data so that other business users will learn from them and the organization can encourage power users and data popularity.

If you want to enable the adoption of advanced analytics and improve the value of every team member within your organization, you should select an augmented analytics tool that is designed for use by all business users. Augmented Analytics Benefits