Get the REAL Information from Your Shopify Solution: Analytics is Easy!

In a time when eCommerce is exploding, a small business owner with an online store might think that all they have to do is post products or services and wait for the money to roll in but nothing could be further from the truth. There are thousands of businesses struggling to pay their bills and wondering why their beautiful online stores are not producing results.

Even if you are getting a decent flow of traffic on your site, you may not be closing the sale, or you might be missing sales to those who would bundle and buy products if they were marketed appropriately. The truth is that you can’t just wait for customers. You need good, solid information in order to plan and execute, adapt to changing customer needs and understand your customer groups and targets.

If you have a Shopify online store, you can integrate analytics in a single sign-on environment without having to learn a new analytical solution. You can use the information from your Shopify system to understand customer cohorts and groups, lifetime value of customers, sales trends and other crucial information and you can use that data to identify opportunities for cross-selling and up selling and to solve problems and close gaps in your sales closing process.

Talk to your Shopify consultants and find out how easy it is to implement this analytical capability using a solution that Integrates Shopify With Augmented Analytics and Contact Us to today to find out how this approach can help you achieve your goals.