Support Your Citizen Data Scientists with Augmented Analytics!

If your business wants to take on a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it must enable its culture to support augmented analytics within the enterprise at every skill level and provide support to transform business users into the Citizen Data Scientist role. Citizen Data Scientists will incorporate the use of augmented analytics and enjoy the features of an augmented analytics solution that will support users of every skill level with auto-suggestions and guidance to help them choose visualization techniques and appropriate analytical techniques and algorithms to complete their analysis, share information with other users and make fact-based decisions.

You might be interested to know that the transformation of business users into Citizen Data Scientists is a revolution that has been supported and predicted in Gartner research for quite some time. Gartner strategic planning assumptions predict that, ‘Through 2020, the number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists’, and ‘By 2021, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and BI as well as data science and machine learning platforms, and of embedded analytics.’

With these strategic planning assumptions in mind, it is critical that any business considering a Citizen Data Scientist initiative choose an Augmented Analytics solution to support business users with analytics that are easy to access and understand and tools that will enable easy data sharing, collaboration and reporting.

In the new world of Citizen Data Scientists, these business users will perform day-to-day analytics to support individual, team, and business unit needs, and they will develop prototypes and hypotheses to test business assumptions and plans and avoid missteps. With these tools, business can establish real-world use cases and leverage business and domain knowledge to see data in a meaningful way. They can collaborate with data scientists and IT and speak the language of data analytics.

Citizen Data Scientist candidates may find it daunting to consider the use of analytical techniques and algorithms but, there is no reason to worry, because augmented analytics is designed to recommend and apply appropriate techniques and to perform the analysis required so that one can review accurate, clear results and use those results to make decisions.

It is not necessary for Citizen Data Scientists to become expert in each of the analytical techniques used in analytics, but Citizen Data Scientists do require a basic understanding of these techniques. That understanding will come with time and the support of a guided augmented analytics solution will help business users to become more familiar with these techniques without becoming frustrated or stuck.

If you want to explore the opportunities inherent in the Citizen Data Scientist approach and begin your own initiative, you will want to start here: Smarten Augmented Analytics.