What Are Key Influencer Analytics and Why Should My Business Care?

Do you know what Key Influencer Analytics are? If not, you should! One of the most frustrating tasks a business user has in analytics is finding and gathering the right data for analysis and ensuring that all factors, variables and data that may affect the outcome of the analysis is included. That is why these activities are typically performed by Data Scientists, analysts or IT in many organizations. Without the ability to identify the right variables, and determine the relationships among these variables and business success, the business is likely to measure and attend to the wrong things.

Key Influencer Analytics provides the perfect solution to this problem!  Using these tools the business user can point to a dataset you want to analyze and identify the target and the influencers or predictors that will affect the target, along with its impact and it provides crucial metrics such as mean, outliers, and others and identifies relationship and distribution among variables. These tools will also auto-suggest relationships and present distribution and impact using the most appropriate visualization

Business users don’t need advanced skills to enjoy interactive features that allow them to see and explore other combinations and impacts and can select target and predictors, and use them for models, reports or KPIs.

Leverage the power of Key Influencer Analytics and discover the relationships, connections and impact hidden in your data. Solve problems and capitalize on opportunities in your market.