Smarten Augmented Analytics Case Study: Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research and Innovation Company

The Client is a global business governed by a foundation whose mission is to have a meaningful social impact, both for patients and for a sustainable world. With its unique governance model, the Client business can fully serve its vocation with a long-term vision and fulfil its commitment to therapeutic progress and to serving patient needs. The company has grown exponentially, first across France and then throughout the world, driven by the transformation of the business.

Since 1954, this Client has been recognized for its quality and its scientific and medical excellence. As a world leader in cardiology, its ambition is to become a renowned, focused, and innovative player in oncology by targeting rare and hard-to-treat cancers.

This Client required augmented analytics and reporting capabilities within the confines of the Healthcare Information System and Revenue tracking reports required by the industry standards and its management team. Smarten provided a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools, e.g., Headquarter Sales reports, Stock Transfer Planning, Site Net Sales, Outstanding Summary, Party Sales and many more.

Key Benefits and Deliverables:

  • Real-time report for Stocks, Sales, Returns, Regions etc., to track information about inventory
  • Short roll-out time
  • Enhance the value provided by the Client by offering an analytical platform
  • Integration Smarten works with existing technologies to deliver results
  • Easy integration of dashboards and objects with Client healthcare management solution
  • Automate all operational reports with comprehensive data integrity
  • Provide a user-friendly interface to reduce the burden of ad hoc queries for the Client IT team

The integration of augmented analytics with its proprietary Healthcare Information application enabled the Client to improve end user and customer satisfaction and recognition across the industry. The integration of interactive reports provided a competitive advantage and enabled the Client to better leverage its data and operate more efficiently, thereby increasing revenue.

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