How Can Predictive Analysis Tools Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

Predictive Analytics Tools Can Help Hospitals Plan

Hospitals and healthcare systems are turning to predictive analytics tools to plan and forecast and understand what, when and how to support patients.

Some hospitals use predictive analysis software to gather data and analysis the incidence of readmissions for patients presenting with critical health issues. For example, if a patient comes to the emergency room after having suffered a heart attack, how likely is it that the patient will be re-admitted with related issues within a certain period of time? When looking at the associated care (medication, exercise, follow-up appointments, age, risk factors, etc), hospitals and doctors can gain insight into methods, techniques and treatment plans and which will result in the best outcome and reduce the number of people readmitted for this type of medical issue.

Hospitals can also use Predictive Analytics Software to plan for future expansion of services, resources, parking lots, facilities, and certain types of care. For example, if a hospital has experienced a large increase in emergency room visits over a period of time, it would be important to know if this surge has resulted from more traumatic injuries, fewer available services in surrounding areas, fewer supportive non-emergency healthcare facilities like clinics, etc. The types of services, seasonality, and other factors can then be accommodated with resources, scheduling, training, increased budget, or preventive service offerings.

Assisted Predictive Modeling can support business users, IT staff and other users by providing recommendations in gathering, formatting and presenting data to improve the effectiveness and clarity of resulting data and reporting.

Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis can help medical professionals and hospitals to plan by considering historical data and forecasting everything from the volume of insurance claims to the number of cardiac patients, elective surgeries, budgetary requirements for supplies, and resource complements.

A healthcare facility can use a Predictive Analysis Tool to better control budget, schedules, growth, risk, patient outcomes and other factors that affect success and employee and patient satisfaction.

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