Can Adding Analytics to Tally ERP Help My Accounting and Finance Professionals?

If you are an accountant or a finance professional, you may be frustrated by the fact that your seat at the table often comes too late in the game for you to make a difference. If your role is limited to statutory reporting or producing reams of columns and reports for business colleagues and then trying to explain them, if your ability to affect a problem in a timely manner is limited, if you are always seeing the real picture in the rear view mirror, you might want to think about integrating analytics within your accounting and finance solution.

For Tally ERP solutions users, this addition is much easier today. Business users can leverage the Tally ERP solution AND produce out-of-the-box reports that will provide insight into trends and patterns, and analytical views that allow you, as a business professional, to intelligently assess what is happening without having to guess at what WILL happen.

Why is data analytics important? What could data tell you if you could see it in near real time?


Your team can use Sales and Purchasing, Bank and Cash, Payable and Receivable, Inventory, Tax, Cost Center, Ledger, Account Statements, Drill Down, KPIs, Reports and Overviews to find data and to gain insight into what is really going on in the business – and you can use that data to recommend actions and advise your colleagues and clients. Seamless search options and text searches throughout the Tally app allow you to gather information and see it in a way that is meaningful to you, so you aren’t just doing data entry and reporting. You can find behavioral patterns, employ continuous monitoring and answer complicated tax questions and you can assess investment scenarios. You will be actively participating in business decisions. This proactive involvement will help to ensure improved productivity and to mitigate missteps and backtracking in the business.

It will make your job easier and more rewarding AND it will improve business results and provide the visibility and the seat at the table that your professional and business function deserves.

If you are a Tally user, you can leverage powerful analytical tools to add value to your organization and take a proactive role in results. AND, your business can evaluate the solution for free. Find out more about SmartenApps For Tally analytics. Contact Us to today to find out how SmartenApps for Tally can help you achieve your goals.

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